5.26.2018 2-Man 666




  • Holes 1-6 Scramble (Both players tee off, take the best shot and play from there, continue this until the ball is holed out)
  • Holes 7-12 Best Ball (Both players play the hole and the team takes the best net score)
  • Holes 13-18 Modified Alternate Shot (Both players tee off, take the best drive and the player who didn’t hit the drive will hit the second shot, then players alternate who hits the ball until its holed out)
  • All Players Tee off From White Tees (Red Tees for 80+ years and 30+ handicaps)


Ties will be decided by a scorecard playoff.


PLAY THE BALL UP, drop no farther than one club length from the chosen shot not to improve surface (example: moving the ball out of a bunker or from the rough to the fairway).


All players must sign the official score card.  One Team Gross score per hole.  All rules decisions will be made by the Golf Professional (Lee or Brandon).




1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th Place


Proxies - TBD


Net Skins - TBD