2018 Lake Arbor Cup


Entry fee is included in the 2018 Men’s Club Season Dues. Points are awarded to each Member based on the points scale listed below. Payouts for this event are in cash and will be awarded at the end of the 2018 season.


1st Place (Gross or Net) = 12 points

2nd Place (Gross or Net) = 10 points

3rd Place (Gross or Net) = 8 points

4th Place (Gross or Net) = 6 points

Any place that is paid out 5th or worse (Gross or Net) = 4 points

No Points will be awarded for attendance


This is a yearlong event. The Lake Arbor Cup ends after the last 2018 tournament has been completed or officially canceled. The top 10 point earners will qualify for a 9-Hole Shoot-Out (Date and Time TBD).


The Shoot-Out Tournament Format (100% Handicap)

10 golfers will start on the first tee (2 groups of 5 or one large group if we can get away with it) and the golfer with the highest net score will be eliminated. The one who is left standing at the end of 9 holes is the winner.

On each hole, the high score is eliminated. Expect a lot of playoffs in the early going. (Chip-offs will be the method for playoffs, with farthest-from-the-hole being eliminated. Location of the chip will be decided by the official scorer.)

The payout is based on the number of members in the club and will be distributed in the following manner: 1st place 30% of the pool, 2nd - 20%, 3rd - 15%, 4th - 10%, 5th – 8%, 6th – 6%, 7th – 4%, 8th – 3%, 9th and 10th – 2% of the pool.



2018 Hole-In-One Club


Entry into the Hole-In-One Club is included as part of your Men’s Club dues. Five dollars per member is automatically held in the Hole-In-One pot. This is a yearlong event. The last tournament eligible for a Hole-In-One is the completion or the official cancellation of the last 2017 tournament. The payout is determined by the number of people who are members in good standing in the Men’s Club. Payout is in Cash. Distribution of funds will be an equal division of the pool between members who have an official Hole-In-One during a sanctioned Men’s Club Tournament. In the event that there is not an official Hole-In-One the fund will be distributed among the membership by means of a raffle in $50.00 increments until all funds in the pot have been distributed. The raffle will be held at the end of the election of officers which takes place immediately following the 10/6/2018 2-Man Aggregate Tournament. If the raffle is held you must be in attendance at the time your number is drawn to win.