2018 Match Play




  • Match Play
  • One point is awarded to the player who has the lowest score on each hole. If the two players have the same score, the hole is halved and neither player receives a point. The match ends when one player is up by more points than the number of remaining holes.
  • First Flight Blue Tees, all other players Tee off From White Tees (Red Tees for 80+ years and 30+ handicaps)


Ties after 18 holes will result in a playoff (Starting on the first hole, please check-in with the proshop after you finish on 18)


PLAY THE BALL DOWN (Rules can be adjusted as long as both players agree)


All players must sign the official score card. All rules decisions will be made by the Golf Professional (Lee or Blake).


Lateral Hazards: Red Stakes

Water Hazards: Yellow Stakes

Out of Bounds: White Stakes




1st Place

2nd Place

3nd Place

4nd Place


No Skins & No Proxies


Arbor Cup Points Double (1st - 24 points, 2nd - 20 points, 3rd - 16 points, 4th - 12 points)