3.24.2018 ABCD Scramble




  • 4 Man Scramble (all players tee off, take the best shot and play from there, continue this until the ball is holed out)
  • Each player must use 2 drives!! Please mark these on the scorecard
  • All Players Tee off From White Tees


Ties will be decided by a scorecard playoff.


PLAY THE BALL UP, drop no farther than one club length from the chosen shot not to improve surface (example: moving the ball out of a bunker or from the rough to the fairway).


All players must sign the official score card.  One Team Gross Score per hole.  All rules decisions will be made by the Golf Professional (Lee or Blake).


Lateral Hazards : Red Stakes

Water Hazards: Yellow Stakes

Out of Bounds: White Stakes




1st Place - $320 per team

2nd Place - $240 per team

3rd Place - $160 per team

4th Place - $100 per team

5th Place - $80 per team

Last Place - $60 per team


Closest To The Pin:


Lowest Handicap (A) Player - #4 $25

2nd Lowest Handicap (B) Player - #6 $25

3rd Lowest Handicap (C) Player - #8 $25

4th Lowest Handicap (D) Player - #13 $25

All Players #15 $25 & #18 $25


Net Skins - $320 Pot